Made-in-usa Sleepwear

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How It Works

As hot flashes cause you to perspire, bacteria form in your garment causing odor. This breakthrough technology combined with moisture management keeps the fabric dry, fresh and comfortable even after your most intense night sweat.
Our fabric is hydrophilic. It wicks perspiration away from the skin, moving moisture to the outer surface of the garment, where it evaporates. Many other fabrics are hydrophobic. They have chemical attraction to sweat and oily dirt, trapping moisture next to the skin.
Our fabric is machine washable releasing stubborn stains and odors with no pretreatments. Other fabrics trap stains and odors. Over time, their look and smell deteriorates significantly.
Our fabric prevents dirt and oil transfer in the wash cycle. With no soil redeposition, white stays white - wash after wash. Other fabrics pick up dirt and oil in the wash cycle, and white turns gray over time.

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