Design Your Own Sleepwear

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Here are some of the comments we have received:

"I was able to wear the night sweat gown and I had my most peaceful sleep last night. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" Susan, Antioch, TN
"I have never had such a comfortable garment. I often have night sweats and it is such a treat not to wake up cold and clammy. Many of my friends have the same problem and I would like to share this discovery with them as well as expand my own sleepwear wardrobe." Barbara, Ontario, Canada
"I received my DryDreams' jammies yesterday and slept perfectly last night!" Sara, Chicago, IL.
"I am able to sleep at night. One day last week I was having a hot flash and my husband told me to go get my DryDreams' nightgown! Now that is pretty great!" Jane, White House, TN
"I absolutely LOVE the nightgown! It is so soft, comfortable and luxurious, it makes me feel so good when I have it on. I'm sure I'll be ordering another one in the future. Thanks again!!" Monica, CT
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